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Our Designer range is our own unique product range offering different patterned and coloured films to enhance glass and provide privacy through a variety of textures and designs. From a stylish to a plain sandblasted look, we have decorative film to suit all homes, offices and retail outlets.

These films are used to transform ordinary and plain glass into a custom feature that is functional, provides privacy whilst allowing natural light through and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Used for commercial and residential applications
  • Can be used in offices, retail environments and residential properties to create partitions or privacy, add elegance, style and even a touch of class
  • A cost effective alternative to traditional sandblasting
  • Privacy can be customised while allowing natural light through Patterned films can be applied vertically or horizontally for different effects
  • A unique solution to visual intrusion
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, in essence protecting curtains, furniture and flooring
  • Aesthetic appeal
Bronze-20 Designer-Blue


  • 1 cm white stripes
  • 3 cm white blocks
  • Bronze 20%
  • Designer blue
  • Designer green
  • Designer red
  • Designer yellow
  • Dual 25%
  • Dual reflective 5%
  • Dual reflective 35%
  • Etched vinyl
  • Ice cool grey 70
  • Natural 10%
  • Natural 15%
  • Natural 35%
  • Natural 65%
  • Silver 20%
  • Silver 50%
  • Silver Grey 20%
  • Supershade 5%
  • White out
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Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

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