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Frosted Film Etched Glass Vinyl

At Lamin8 we offer high quality Frosted Film/Etched Glass Vinyl customisable precision cut patterns/designs for retail, commercial or residential applications.

Whether you are looking to add privacy, a touch of elegance or even just to transform your plain windows or doors into something interesting, a precision cut design is the perfect solution for your home or office!

Our Frosted Film and Etched Glass Vinyl still allows the natural light in whilst reducing the glare coming through the windows.

This application can be done on brand new windows or as a retro-fit (on existing windows).

Frosted Film Etched Glass Vinyl


  • Used for commercial and residential applications
  • Diminishes glare and reflections on your windows
  • Reduce energy loss from heating and cooling by up to 40% by insulating your windows
  • Keeps out 99% of harmful UV rays, in essence protecting curtains, furniture and flooring
  • Retains 94% of radioactive heat inside during winter
  • Can reduce the inside temperature by up to 5 °C in summer
  • Safety aspect – in case of glass breakage the film keeps the glass shards together
  • Makes your windows less sensitive to condensation
  • Gives you payback on your investment within three years – through energy saving
  • The film ensures a natural colour
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Provides increased comfort in your home and office.
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