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Solar Control & Energy Saving

Whether it’s spontaneous glass breakage due to thermal stresses in the glass, accidental breakage or breakage due to forced entry by intruders, broken glass is hazardous and because of the sharp jagged shards that broken glass consists of, the consequences can be devastating.

Our Safety & Security Films address the one major aspect of the glass safety issue that we face – the flying shards of broken glass. This range of film gives you peace of mind through protecting people by holding the dangerous shards of glass in place in the event of a broken window thus making it the most effective solution to upgrading your existing glass.

Solar Control & Energy Saving



  • Protects you from flying glass shards and splinters by holding glass firmly in place in the event of an accident in your car or at home


  • Specialty Lamin8 films offer significant protection against forced entry at your home or office

UV Protection

  • Lamin8 Films block 99% of UV rays therefore prolonging the life of your carpets, artworks, furnishings and flooring by protecting it from fading

Solar Energy

  • Reduces solar energy by up to 90% increasing your comfort, reducing excessive heat and helping to prevent skin conditions such as skin cancer and premature ageing

Glare Reduction

  • Dramatically reduces daytime and night-time glare which often results in eye strain
Architectural Products



  • This product range consists of window films which primarily reduce heat and light in buildings, homes and vehicles. They are manufactured using metalized, ceramic or nano technology.

Product Specs


Thickness (Microns)

UV Block



Solar Energy Transmitted

Solar Energy Absorbed

IR Rejected

Total Solar Energy Rejected






43.0 %

24.0 %



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