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Ice Cool Windscreen Film

Most of the heat that enters our vehicle, enters through the windscreen. The sun’s infrared (IR) rays cause the temperature inside your vehicle to become unbearably hot and at the same time the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays also cause irreversible damage to our vehicles interior and more importantly, to our skin. Even if you have film on all your side windows, you are missing the main and possibly most important source of heat and harmful rays – your windscreen. 

Our pristine Nano Ceramic Windscreen Film provides higher heat rejection and IR rejection than a standard dyed or metalized window film therefore keeping your vehicle cooler. By reducing the temperature inside your vehicle, you reduce the need to run the air-conditioning system at full capacity in essence decreasing fuel usage.

These films are used to transform ordinary and plain glass into a custom feature that is functional, provides privacy whilst allowing natural light through and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Ice Cool Windscreen Film Benefits


  • Reduces heat, not visibility
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Protects your vehicles interior from harmful UV rays Protects you from harmful UV rays
  • Lower temperatures inside the vehicle which mean lower cooling costs due to your air-conditioning system working more efficiently
  • Nano Ceramic films provide colour stability and high IR rejection
  • Reduces day and night glare
  • Increased comfort
Ice Cool Windscreen Film Options


  • Lamin8’s Ice Cool: 70% visible light transmittance; 82% Infrared Rejection
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