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Nano Liquid Solutions

Nano Liquid Solutions

Nano Liquid Solutions are unique, long-lasting polymer coating solutions that creates a hydrophobic (water repellent) coating on surfaces.

Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Nano Liquid Glass Protector’s formula sets a new standard in glass protection. Don’t be fooled by the flammable silicon-based products on the market. These simple water repellents that do not bond to the glass and disintegrate after only a few car washes or rainstorms.

  • Water Repellent Coating
  • Long Lasting Aerospace Formula
  • Reduces Night Glare by 34%
  • Resist Chips, Pits, Cracks & Breakage
  • Snow & Ice are Easily Removed
  • Improves Visibility in Rain, Ice, and Snow
  • Water-based, Inflammable Formula
  • Bonds & Cures to Glass
  • Reduces Night Glare
Nano Liquid Ceramic H7

Nano Liquid Ceramic H7

Nano Liquid Ceramic H7 is the ultimate exterior protection for automobile and marine craft. It can be used on paint, plastic and glass surfaces to protect from acid rain, pollution, and other environmental contaminants.

Nano Liquid Ceramic H7 uses nanotechnology to create a tough, clear coating that protects your investment against even the harshest environments while keeping your vehicle looking brand new.

Nano Liquid Ceramic H7 will outlast any carnauba or montan wax. Its molecules bond with paint to create a tough, hydrophobic, glass-like finish that lasts for years. It uses a low VOC formula to comply with all air quality regulations. It only takes 2oz to do a regular size vehicle.

  • Easy on, easy off formula
  • Contains long-lasting nano polymers
  • Low VOC formula
  • Great for metal, glass, plastic trim, & painted surfaces
  • No caking or sticky residue
  • Water-based, Inflammable Formula
  • No HAPs or dust
Vinyl & Leather Protectant

Vinyl & Leather Protectant

Part of our sealant program, VLP is a polymer-based coating that protects all of the vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces on the interior of the vehicle.

VLP is specifically designed with curable polymers to provide a low shine, non-greasy protective layer that will last for years.

The curable polymers actually cross-link and attach to the surface which creates a clear, micro-thin layer of protection.

It will protect against UV damage, smog and other elements to keep your vehicle looking good.

VLP is a zero-VOC formula. It exceeds all State and Federal regulations. It does not contain any HAP’s or other harmful ingredients.

  • Long lasting water-based formula
  • Long Lasting Aerospace Formula
  • Non-greasy shine
  • Protects using curable polymers
  • Product contains zero VOCs
  • Perfect for all interior surfaces
  • Exceeds all State & Federal regulations
Wheel & Headlight Sealant

Wheel & Headlight Sealant

Polymer Protectant

Wheel & Headlight Sealant creates a tough coating on wheels and headlights. It uses curable polymers and resins which attach to the surface using covalent bonds. This nanotechnology provides an extra layer of protection for your vehicle components. The wheels will resist road salt & brake dust, making it easier to clean. The headlights will have an extra layer of protection, so they won’t fade or yellow from UV light, detergents, road salt, etc.

  • Easy on, easy off formula
  • Contains long-lasting nanopolymers
  • Covalent bonds
  • Headlight covers won’t fade
  • UV resistant
  • Resist brake dust
  • Extremely durable coating
  • High-shine finish
  • Resist road salt
  • Headlights won’t yellow
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