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Paint Protection Film

Helps keep your vehicle in that showroom condition by providing a virtually invisible barrier minimizing stone chips, protecting from minor abrasions, bug stains, and ultimately protecting your investment whilst helping to maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Protect Your Paint, Protect Your Investment.

Combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with high a high shear & tack adhesive, ClearGuard Ultra Self Healing is Warranted against degradation from UV, staining and cracking. ClearGuard Ultra Self Healing applies easily and maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions; providing improved chemical and mechanical resistance (like stone chip) whilst offering conformability to complex shapes and curves. Find out more about ClearGuard Ultra Self Healing and its lifetime warranty at
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Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

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