Our Designer range is our own unique product range offering different patterned and coloured films to enhance glass and provide privacy through a variety of textures and designs. From a stylish to a plain sandblasted look, we have decorative film to suit all homes, offices and retail outlets.


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These films are used to transform ordinary and plain glass into a custom feature that is functional, provides privacy whilst allowing natural light through and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • Used for commercial and residential applications
  • Can be used in offices, retail environments and residential properties to create partitions or privacy, add elegance, style and even a touch of class
  • A cost effective alternative to traditional sandblasting
  • Privacy can be customised while allowing natural light through
  • Patterned films can be applied vertically or horizontally for different effects
  • A unique solution to visual intrusion
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, in essence protecting curtains, furniture and flooring
  • Aesthetic appeal
Options (a range of different patterns and colours)
  • Stripes
  • Squares
  • Etched glass
  • Sandblast
  • Variety of colours

Why do people have Decorative or Privacy Film fitted?

Decorative & Privacy Films are ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy.

Will the Decorative Films give me privacy during the day, as well as the night?

Yes, the decorative films will give you privacy day and night. Different kinds of decorative films provide different amounts of privacy – we are here to assist you in choosing the correct film for the correct application. In some cases, if you have the light on inside at night and you walk past the window, people outside might be able to see your silhouette.

Will this film give me privacy during the day and at night while still allowing me to see out clearly?

All in all, no. There is no film nor one-way mirror glass that allows this. Reflective films have been designed to provide daytime privacy. Where the greater source of light is, that is the side where the reflectivity will be. During the day, the greater source of light is generated from outside therefore when looking into your home from the outside you will see the reflective mirror-like surface. When looking from the inside of your home to the outside, you will be able to see clearly.  The opposite applies for night time when your greater source of light is from inside your home.

Can Lamin8 Decorative Films be used on shower doors?

Yes they can but we recommended that the film be fitted on the outside of the enclosure (must be smooth glass).

Will the Decorative Window Film range block UV rays and prevent fading?

There are different causes for fading, such as different types of heat and light rays.  Decorative films are specifically made for decoration and privacy and do not reduce all of these rays significantly. However, most of our decorative films do have properties that block UV rays.

Do these films block heat?

In a nut shell, yes.  The infrared portion of heat contains nearly half the heat on the solar spectrum, so reflecting all of this radiation would in essence reject almost half of the solar heat gain while still allowing much of the visible light to pass through the window.  Our reflective films reduce the amount of absorbed solar heat and reflect the blocked solar heat back outside.  Different reflective films block different amounts of heat – please enquire and we will be happy to assist you with all the specifications that you require.

Does your Decorative range include a frosted film?

Yes it does.  We have a frosted film as well as an etched glass vinyl.  Both give you a sandblasted look at a fraction of the cost of original sandblasting.

Do you have Decorative Films with patterns on?

Yes we do.  We have films with different kinds of patterns on.

Does this film also hold dangerous glass shards together in the event that a window breaks?

Yes it does.  It is not as thick as Safety & Security film but it will hold the glass shards together should a window in your home or office break.

What is this range of film called?

Our Decorative range is called Designer and our Privacy range is called EnviroSHIELD.

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