Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film FAQ

- What is ‘Smash & Grab’ film?

Lamin8 Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film is fitted on vehicle windows to help prevent smash and grab attacks. While this film prevents the glass from shattered windows flying everywhere, it is usually tinted as this could also discourage intruders from breaking your window because they cannot see into the vehicle. When the glass breaks, the film holds the dangerous shards in place, which further protects you from all the sharp pieces of broken glass.  Lamin8 Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film gives you a few extra minutes to recompose yourself and drive away before the intruder gets through the window.


- Is the film fitted on the inside or outside of the windows?

The film is fitted to the inside of the windows.


- Are all the windows of a vehicle fitted with Safety Film?

Only the side windows are fitted with Safety Film.  The back window is fitted with a thinner film as it has to be heat moulded and shaped to the exact shape of the back window.  The windscreen is not automatically fitted with film but can also be done with a thinner specially designed windscreen film as an optional extra.  Our windscreen film offers great benefits in terms of UV and Infrared reduction.


- Do you offer a range of different Safety Films varying in thickness and strength?

Yes we do.  Please have a look at our Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film tab for more information on our



- What is the legal limit for tinting my vehicle's windows?

35% VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) is the legal limit.  This is the amount of light that the film allows through. 


- Can intruders enter my vehicle once I have fitted Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film?

Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film is not "intrusion proof" but will act as a deterrent against a smash and grab attack which will buy you that little bit of extra time in order to react.


- How long will the fitment of Safety Film take?

It varies and will depend on the size of your vehicle as well as the number of windows requiring film fitment.  To give you an idea, for a small 3-door hatchback it can take between 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes whereas for a large SUV/4x4, it can take roughly between 2 to 3 hours.


- Will the film peel off?

No. Lamin8 Window Film is amongst the very best window films on the market. Our Anti Smash & Grab Films are manufactured with a very strong adhesive and scratch-resistant coating to help prevent damage.


- Does your film come with a warranty?

Yes it does. Our Anti Smash & Grab Films come with a 10 year warranty.  Please have a look at our Warranty tab for more information.


- How much will it cost to have this film fitted to my vehicle?

Again, it all depends on a few factors.  The prices vary depending on your vehicle make and model.  We will gladly assist you in obtaining a formal quotation through one of our fitment centres/Installers - please contact us via our Contact Us page.