Safety & Security FAQ

- Why should I consider fitting safety or security film in my home or office?

Sharp shards of flying or falling glass are extremely dangerous and can seriously injure people, sometimes leading to fatalities.  Many events can cause glass to break unexpectedly and often these events are not predictable – for example, a child falling into a patio door while playing.  Having no form of glass protection causes a high-risk potential of injury.  These harmful glass shards can result from smash & grab burglaries, vandalism or even just an unforeseen accident.


- How do Lamin8 Safety & Security Films work?

Our Safety & Security Films are designed to hold the glass pieces together when broken therefore reducing the risk of glass shards falling or flying out.  These films are also made thicker in comparison to regular architectural window films.


- Can window film be applied to existing glass?

Yes, it can.  Most window film fitments are done on existing glass.  Window films are a retrofit upgrade for existing glass.


- Can safety & security film be applied to glass shower doors, glass balustrades (balconies) and glass cabinets?

Window film has many uses.  It is possible to apply safety & security film to these areas but every scenario needs to be analysed separately.


- Are the Safety & Security Films bullet-proof?

No Safety or Security Film is bullet-proof but they are a deterrent.  These films are designed to make glass more shatter resistant and may help slow the projectile down but not to prevent penetration after several attempts.


- Are the Safety & Security Films intruder-proof?

In the event of a “smash and grab” incident, the intruder will try and break the glass with a brick or other hard tools.  The glass will break but the film will hold the glass shards in place.  Fitting this film will give you time to realise and react to the fact that an intruder is trying to enter.  This film will also make it harder for the intruder to enter therefore edging him on to the next target.  If the intruder persists, they will eventually get in.


- What is the thickest film you have to offer?

We offer a 300 micron Safety & Security film which is used to give you maximum protection.


- What is visible light transmittance (VLT)?

The point of windows is to let light pass through.  The percentage of visible light that passes through a window or other glazing unit is called the Visible Light Transmittance.


- Is it expensive?

The cost involved in fitting this film will depend on which film you select and the thickness/strength of the film.  However, it will work out more cost effective compared to other security measures such as burglar bars.  For maximum safety and security, it’s a small price to pay. 


- What is this range of film called?

Our Safety & Security range is called Guardian Pro.