Solar Control & Energy Saving FAQ

- What can your Solar Control & Energy Saving Films do for me?

Our pristine range of Solar Control & Energy Saving Films can reduce energy loss through glass, keep out 99% of harmful UV rays, retain radiative heat inside during the cold winter months, reduce the inside temperature in the hot summer months, diminish glare and reflections on your windows and makes your windows less sensitive to condensation all while withholding the natural look of your windows.


- Will this film stop glare on the computer screen and television?

Yes it will. Our natural colour window film will reduce the glare on your computer screen and TV without you having to close any blinds or curtains during the day, allowing the natural sunlight in but keeping the glare out.


- The inside of my house gets very cold in winter. Can your window films keep the heat in?

We would recommend our Penjerex range for these kinds of applications.  This unique film retains 94% of radiative heat inside during winter.  Penjerex keeps the right temperature on the right side of your windows.


- Will your Solar Control & Energy Saving Films prevent my carpets and furniture from fading?

Our films will dramatically reduce the effects of fading and could double the lifespan of your carpets and furniture in most cases. The harmful UV rays from the sun play a small part with natural light, heat, ageing and humidity all playing a major part in the fading process.  However, 90% of our films across all of our ranges block 99% of the UV.


- Will the film reduce the heat coming in to my house or office?

Yes.  Our Penjerex range offers tremendous heat reduction properties.  This film can reduce the inside temperature by up to 5°C in the summer.  You can find more product specifications under our Solar Control & Energy Saving tab.


- Does Penjerex work the same as double-glazing?

Basically, yes.  Penjerex reduces energy loss from heating and cooling by up to 40% simply by insulating your windows.  Double-glazing is an obvious but costly solution.  Penjerex offers a perfect and cost effective alternative.


- Is Penjerex a dark film?

No.  Once Penjerex is installed it becomes almost totally transparent.  It’s neutral colour keeps things looking natural when you look outside.


- Does this film offer any safety aspects?

Our Solar Control & Energy Saving Films are not classified as safety or security films and are not used for those specific applications but they will hold the glass shards together should a window in your home or office break.


- Is this film best suited to residential or commercial properties?

This rage is suitable for use in individual houses as well as public buildings.


- What is this range of film called?

We have a Nano Ceramic range (Ceramocloak) as well as our top of the range Penjerex.