Windscreen Film FAQ

- What is Windscreen Film used for?

Lamin8 Windscreen Film is fitted to the windscreen of your vehicle in order to reduce the heat and infrared coming through therefore keeping your vehicle cooler and protecting you and your vehicles interior from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  By reducing the temperature inside your vehicle, you also reduce the need to run the air-conditioning system at full capacity in essence decreasing fuel usage.


- Can I have windscreen film fitted to the rest of my windows in my vehicle?

Yes you can although this film does not provide you with the necessary protection against smash & grab attacks as the Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film does.


- How much of the UV and infrared will your windscreen film reject?

Our Windscreen Film rejects 99% of the UV and 82% of the infrared.


- Is it legal to have film on my windscreen?

Yes it is as long as it conforms to the VLT (visible light transmittance) regulations.  According to the rules and regulations, the amount of light that must come through the front windscreen is 70%.  Our Windscreen Film allows 70% VLT into the car, whereby meeting the visible light transmission regulations of South Africa.


- Does this film offer any safety aspects?

This film is not classified as a safety or security film and is not used for those specific applications but once fitted, it will hold the glass shards together should a window in your vehicle break.


- Does this film have a tint?

No it does not.  Once fitted, this film becomes transparent and has a completely neutral colour.  You will not even notice that the windscreen has film on it.


- Is your Windscreen Film fitted to the inside or outside of the windscreen?

The Windscreen Film is also fitted on the inside of the window.


- Once this film is applied, will I feel a difference in terms of the heat coming into my vehicle?

Yes most definitely, but in order to feel the full effect of the heat and UV rejection, you should also have film fitted to the rest of the windows in your vehicle.


- Will this film reduce glare at all?

Yes.  It reduces day and night glare.


- What is this range of film called?

Our Lamin8 Windscreen Film is called 7080 Clear Blue.