Xpel Paint Protection Film FAQ

- Why do people put paint protection on their vehicles?

In order to protect their vehicles from scratches, dents, road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements that compromise the effort you put in to keep your car in tip top condition.


- Is the Xpel Paint Protection available in different colours?

Xpel is only available in Clear.  For more information on vehicle wraps in different colours and styles please have a look at our Automotive Vehicle Wrapping Films tab.


- How does Xpel ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film heal itself?

Xpel ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows even though it is cured. This allows the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed on the surface.


- How deep of a scratch will heal?

The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film’s clear coat, it will not heal.


- Will Xpel ULTIMATE make the paint underneath the film fade at a different rate?

No. Xpel ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film allows UV to pass through the film and fade the paint underneath at the same rate as the exposed paint.


- Can the Paint Protection Film be removed if and when I sell my car?

Yes, it can be removed with no issues. A quick wipe over the lens once removed will bring it back to its original look.


- Can I fit Xpel Paint Protection onto my vehicle myself?

We strongly recommend that our Xpel film be installed by one of our trained and experienced paint protection fitters in our dealer network in order to make sure you receive a quality fitment.  In addition to this, the warranty is only valid if the film is fitted by a professional within our network.


- Is it legal to put Paint Protection Film on my headlights?

Yes it is legal. Due to the perforated construction of the film and the fact that it is clear, once it is fitted to the head lights it does not in any way change the colouration of the light bulb nor the direction of the light emitted through the lens.


- How do I care for my Paint Protection Film? Can I wash it using a quick detailer or detail spray?

For the first 24 hours after fitment, refrain from washing the vehicle in an automated car wash.  Thereafter, with a bit of extra care you can use any wash, wax, detailer, etc that does not contain high amounts of petroleum distillates such as naphtha or kerosene. Often a good detail spray is all you may need.


- Do you have different Xpel Paint Protection Films to offer?

Yes, we do.  Please have a look at our Xpel Paint Protection Film tab for more information.