Published: 29 February 2016

Lamin8 Window Film takes the heat out of keeping your building cool!

Say, “window film” and images of badly applied dark, reflective plastic film comes to mind. Not only do they look terrible but they also make buildings uncomfortably dark. While these old-style films succeeded in reducing the heat in the buildings, they were also so dark that lights have to be turned on permanently – not an option in today’s more eco-friendly world where saving electricity – and thus costs, is imperative.

Glass has always been an attractive and popular design choice for architects, however, the truth is that these impressive glass facades turn buildings into giant greenhouses, resulting in increased use of air conditioners, which in some cases may not even be sufficient to create a pleasant working environment.

Added to this, is the desire to reduce costs due to soaring electricity prices as well as to find more eco-friendly solutions which will keep buildings cool while retaining their aesthetic appeal.

“To be flippant,” says Hillel Bloom, Managing Director of Lamin8 Window Film “building owners sweat it out in their hot buildings and then sweat again when the receive their electricity accounts!”

This need not be the case. Much research and development has been invested into creating window film that looks good and works effectively with new technology doing just this. Furthermore – it is virtually invisible.

Lamin8 Window Film has launched two new products which use the very latest technology: the first is the Nano Ceramic Range and the other is the Super Sputtered Nano Ceramic Range.

The Nano Ceramic Range of window film allows up to 80% of the natural light into the building while filtering up to 95% of the Infra-Red radiation. This is achieved through technology where the molecules of the film are so small (Nano) that the human eye cannot see them, allowing natural light to flow through the glass with no resistance.

The Super Sputted Nano Ceramic Range is specifically designed to work on double-glazed glass, which is commonly used in buildings for thermal insulation, however it does not reduce sunlight and therefore heat, so that the benefit is often lost as air conditioning has to be used to keep the building cool. Super Sputted Nano Ceramic Window Film works effectively with double-glazed glass thus delivering optimum cost savings.

“Window film is now no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for those who are committed to reducing both their expenses and their carbon footprint,” concludes Bloom.

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