NT Cutter Blades

Refill Blades of NT Utility Knives

NT CutterNT blades are precisely processed for ultimate sharpness and the optimum edge retention.

9mm Snap-off Blades - Standard Type

9mm Snap-off Blades - Standard Type
  • NT’s standard blade is a multipurpose type with the perfect balance of sharpness and durability.
  • The “3-bevel-angle” sharpening process enhances sharpness, cutting edge strength and durability. Each stage of sharpening is done in a separate process to reduce strain on the material, thereby increasing the strength and durability of the cutting edge.

Cutting material: Paper, wallpaper, card stock, vinyl, film, shrink-wrap, etc.
Good for craft & hobby projects, professional artists or installers, general use

9mm Snap-off Blades – 30 Degree blades

9mm Snap-off Blades – 30 Degree blades
  • NT’s 30-degree blade with the sharper point is perfect for specialized trimming of corners and hard to access areas.
  • The blade goes through an extra sharpening process using a certain type of leather that contain much finer abrasive particles.
  • This process produces smoothness and flatness of the edges and provides optimal balance to enhance durability and excellent cutting quality.

Cutting material: Film, vinyl, foam board, coroplast, leather, plastic edge, etc.
Good for sign making professionals, graphic artists, car wrapping, model making, leather trimming, plastic edge trim, other burr cutting, etc

9mm Snap-off Blade – Stainless Steel Blade

9mm Snap-off Blade – Stainless Steel Blade
  • Stainless steel blade is ideal for using in damp conditions where rust is a concern, such as for window tinting.
  • Made of the highest-grade stainless steel, achieving almost the same sharpness as carbon tool steel blades yet measuring lower on the hardness scale to lessen the chance of scratching the surface of glass

Cutting material: Window film, Film, vinyl, etc
Ideal to use in window tinting, vinyl graphics & paint protection film industries.

NT stainless steel blade is softer than the hardness of ordinary glass, so it’s less likely to damage glass.

(Some types of glass are lower on the hardness scale, such as the windows of some classic cars, so it is recommended to TEST first.)

18mm stainless steel snap-off blade is also available

9mm Snap-off Blade – Extra sharp black blade

9mm Snap-off Blade – Extra sharp black blade
  • Black blade has an extra finishing process called ‘Bluing Process’ that gives an oxide coating with a blue / black appearance which lessens the possibility of rust.
  • With even more vigorous steps taken during the grinding and polishing processes, the cutting edge of the black blade has an even finer sharpness.

Cutting material:Wallpaper, leather, rubber, cardboard, paper, acetate, etc
Good for professional decorating market

18mm extra sharp black blade is also available

Extra sharp black blade vs regular blade

Cutting test on wallpaper
cross section

9mm & 18mm Non Segmental Blades– No Snap-off Lines

9mm Snap-off Blade – Extra sharp black blade
  • Non segmental blades are mainly used at facilities where extra precautions must be taken to prevent a blade from chipping and accidentally mixing into the product.

Cutting material:Film, vinyl, paper, card stock, Artificial turf (use 18mm blade), etc..
Good for food-processing industries or any facilities that must comply with food manufacturing safety regulations, packaging factories.

18mm Snap-off Blade – Heavy-duty Type

18mm Snap-off Blade – Heavy-duty Type
  • Heavy-duty blade is perfect for all type of heavy-duty jobs such as DIY projects, roofing or flooring construction work and more.
  • The “4-bevel-angle” sharpening process is used on NT’s heavy-duty blades to enhance sharpness, cutting edge strength and durability

Cutting material: Cardboard, rubber, leather, corkboard, acetates, linoleum, carpet, thin veneer, foam board, etc 
Good for DIY projects, construction such as drywall, roofing, flooring, Industrial applications, warehouses, factories, etc.

The blades with blade snapper & disposal case

The blades with blade snapper & disposal case
  • 10 snap off blades are packed in a convenient plastic dispenser with built-in blade snapper & disposal container.
  • Just snap off the used blade and it will fall right into the disposal container. Used blades can be safely disposed of.
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