Solar Control & Energy Saving

Whether in our homes, offices or cars, we are surrounded by windows.  It can be tricky trying to find the most effective solution for challenges (that we face on a daily basis) such as excessive heat and glare, high energy costs due to the use of aircons, fading of valuable furniture and flooring as a result of harmful UV rays and the loss of natural light through closed blinds and curtains.

Our Penjerex Thermal Window Films are the perfect solution for your existing windows and needs.  They allow your natural light through while keeping the heat and damage out.


  • Used for commercial and residential applications
  • Diminishes glare and reflections on your windows
  • Reduce energy loss from heating and cooling by up to 40% by insulating your windows
  • Keeps out 99% of harmful UV rays, in essence protecting curtains, furniture and flooring
  • Retains 94% of radioactive heat inside during winter
  • Can reduce the inside temperature by up to 5 °C in summer
  • Safety aspect – in case of glass breakage the film keeps the glass shards together
  • Makes your windows less sensitive to condensation
  • Gives you payback on your investment within three years – through energy saving
  • The film ensures a natural colour
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Provides increased comfort in your home and office



Penjerex Series:

  • Thermal window film range
  • Offers all the benefits listed above
  • Offers a perfect and cost effective solution without having to spend excessive amounts on double-glazing
  • Clear window film which ensures insulation improvement on any kind of window
  • The special metallic layer in the film ensures that the temperature is consistent at all times
  • Keeps the right temperature on the right side of the window
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