Solar Control & Energy Saving

Our broad window film range is the perfect solution for your existing windows and needs. Our films are used for commercial and residential applications and provide benefits such as increased comfort in either your office or home, solar protection, glare reduction, protection against forced entry, prolonging the life of your upholstery and flooring etc.

Solar Control & Energy Saving

Whether in our homes, offices or cars, we are surrounded by windows.  It can be tricky trying to find the most effective solution for challenges (that we face on a daily basis) such as excessive heat and glare, high energy costs due to the use of aircons, fading of valuable furniture and flooring as a result of harmful UV rays and the loss of natural light through closed blinds and curtains.

  • Safety – Protects you from flying glass shards and splinters by holding glass firmly in place in the event of an accident in your car or at home
  • Security – Specialty Lamin8 films offer significant protection against forced entry at your home or office
  • UV Protection – Lamin8 Films block 99% of UV rays therefore prolonging the life of your carpets, artworks, furnishings and flooring by protecting it from fading
  • Solar Energy – Reduces solar energy by up to 90% increasing your comfort, reducing excessive heat and helping to prevent skin conditions such as skin cancer and premature ageing
  • Glare Reduction – Dramatically reduces daytime and night-time glare which often results in eye strain

Enviroshield – this product range consists of window films which primarily reduce heat and light in buildings, homes and vehicles. They are manufactured using metalized, ceramic or nano technology.

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Glossary of Terms

  • Total Solar Energy: All the energy in the solar spectrum that reaches us on the earth’s surface. This includes UVA and B, Visible light, and infrared energy
  • Transmitted: The amount of total solar energy that passes through the glass, into the building
  • Reflected: The amount of total solar energy that is reflected off of the glass and directed back outside. This energy does not come into the building
  • Absorbed: The amount of total solar energy that is absorbed in the glass. This heats up the glass, making it hotter to the touch, and reradiates a small amount of heat back into the room. The majority of absorbed energy is kept out of the room
  • Visible Light: The portion of the solar spectrum containing visible light that we can see – it contains all the colours of the spectrum
  • Transmitted: The amount of visible light that passes through the glass, into the building. This is how light or dark the film is, eg:  35%
  • Reflected Interior: The amount of visible light that is reflected off the interior surface of the window. This is seen when standing inside the building looking out.  A higher reflectance value means the window looks more like a mirror from the inside
  • U Factor (Winter): Heat transfer due to the temperature differences outside and inside.  Represents the amount of heat passing through 1sq ft of glass in 1 hour for every 1 degree temperature difference between the outside and the inside. A lower value means less heat passes through – this is generally of interest for keeping heat inside the building in cold climates
  • Emissivity: The ability of the surface to reflect infrared energy.  For window film, this means how much heat it will reradiate back into the room.  Low E glass and films have low emissivities, which means they reflect a lot of heat back into a room, which is the desired effect in cold climates
  • Ultraviolet Light Rejected: The amount of UV energy blocked by the film, either by reflecting or absorbing it.  This energy does not enter the building
  • Glare Reduction: The reduction in visible light transmitted compared to clear unfilmed glass
  • Luminous Efficacy: The ratio of visible light transmission to solar heat transmission for a window.  A higher luminous efficacy means the film has a high heat rejection given its VLT
  • Shading Coefficient: The ratio of heat passing through a filmed window to heat passing through clear unfilmed glass.  A lower number means better heat rejection
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: Similar to the shading coefficient, except the value also takes into account energy that is reradiated back into the room from the glass heating up due to increased absorption.  Again, a lower number means better heat rejection
  • Infared Rejection:  The amount of infrared (IR) energy that is blocked by the film, either by reflecting or absorbing.  This value is for the whole IR

What can your Solar Control & Energy Saving Films do for me?

Our pristine range of Solar Control & Energy Saving Films can help you save energy by reducing the amount of heat coming into the room therefore not using the aircon as much, keeping out 99% of harmful UV rays,  reducing the inside temperature in the hot summer months, diminishing glare and reflections on your windows and making your windows less sensitive to condensation.

Will this film stop glare on the computer screen and television?

Yes it will. Our window film will reduce the glare on your computer screen and TV without you having to close any blinds or curtains during the day, allowing the natural sunlight in but keeping the glare out.

Will your Solar Control & Energy Saving Films prevent my carpets and furniture from fading?

Our films will dramatically reduce the effects of fading and could double the lifespan of your carpets and furniture in most cases. The harmful UV rays from the sun play a small part with natural light, heat, ageing and humidity all playing a major part in the fading process.  However, 90% of our films across all of our ranges block 99% of the UV.

Does this film offer any safety aspects?

Our Solar Control & Energy Saving Films are not classified as safety or security films and are not used for those specific applications but they will hold the glass shards together should a window in your home or office break.

Is this film best suited to residential or commercial properties?

This rage is suitable for use in individual houses as well as public buildings.

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