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Architectural FAQs

Safety And Security

Sharp shards of flying or falling glass are extremely dangerous and can seriously injure people, sometimes leading to fatalities. Many events can cause glass to break unexpectedly and often these events are not predictable – for example, a child falling into a patio door while playing. Having no form of glass protection causes a high-risk potential of injury. These harmful glass shards can result from smash & grab burglaries, vandalism or even just an unforeseen accident.

Our Safety & Security Films are designed to hold the glass pieces together when broken therefore reducing the risk of glass shards falling or flying out. These films are also made thicker in comparison to regular architectural window films.

Yes, it can. Most window film fitments are done on existing glass. Window films are a retrofit upgrade for existing glass.

Window film has many uses. It is possible to apply safety & security film to these areas but every scenario needs to be analysed separately.

No Safety or Security Film is bullet-proof but they are a deterrent. These films are designed to make glass more shatter resistant and may help slow the projectile down but not to prevent penetration after several attempts.

In the event of a “smash and grab” incident, the intruder will try and break the glass with a brick or other hard tools. The glass will break but the film will hold the glass shards in place. Fitting this film will give you time to realise and react to the fact that an intruder is trying to enter. This film will also make it harder for the intruder to enter therefore edging him on to the next target. If the intruder persists, they will eventually get in.

We offer a 300 micron Safety & Security film which is used to give you maximum protection.

The point of windows is to let light pass through. The percentage of visible light that passes through a window or other glazing unit is called the Visible Light Transmittance.

The cost involved in fitting this film will depend on which film you select and the thickness/strength of the film. However, it will work out more cost effective compared to other security measures such as burglar bars. For maximum safety and security, it’s a small price to pay.

Our Safety & Security range is called Guardian Pro.


Decorative & Privacy Films are ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy.

Yes, the decorative films will give you privacy day and night. Different kinds of decorative films provide different amounts of privacy – we are here to assist you in choosing the correct film for the correct application. In some cases, if you have the light on inside at night and you walk past the window, people outside might be able to see your silhouette.

All in all, no. There is no film nor one-way mirror glass that allows this. Reflective films have been designed to provide daytime privacy. Where the greater source of light is, that is the side where the reflectivity will be. During the day, the greater source of light is generated from outside therefore when looking into your home from the outside you will see the reflective mirror-like surface. When looking from the inside of your home to the outside, you will be able to see clearly. The opposite applies for night time when your greater source of light is from inside your home.

Yes they can but we recommended that the film be fitted on the outside of the enclosure (must be smooth glass).

There are different causes for fading, such as different types of heat and light rays. Decorative films are specifically made for decoration and privacy and do not reduce all of these rays significantly. However, most of our decorative films do have properties that block UV rays.

In a nut shell, yes. The infrared portion of heat contains nearly half the heat on the solar spectrum, so reflecting all of this radiation would in essence reject almost half of the solar heat gain while still allowing much of the visible light to pass through the window. Our reflective films reduce the amount of absorbed solar heat and reflect the blocked solar heat back outside. Different reflective films block different amounts of heat – please enquire and we will be happy to assist you with all the specifications that you require.

Yes it does. We have a frosted film as well as an etched glass vinyl. Both give you a sandblasted look at a fraction of the cost of original sandblasting.

Yes we do. We have films with different kinds of patterns on.

Yes it does. It is not as thick as Safety & Security film but it will hold the glass shards together should a window in your home or office break.

Our Decorative range is called Designer and our Privacy range is called EnviroSHIELD.

Solar Control & Energy Saving

Our pristine range of Solar Control & Energy Saving Films can help you save energy by reducing the amount of heat coming into the room therefore not using the aircon as much, keeping out 99% of harmful UV rays, reducing the inside temperature in the hot summer months, diminishing glare and reflections on your windows and making your windows less sensitive to condensation.

Yes it will. Our window film will reduce the glare on your computer screen and TV without you having to close any blinds or curtains during the day, allowing the natural sunlight in but keeping the glare out.

Our films will dramatically reduce the effects of fading and could double the lifespan of your carpets and furniture in most cases. The harmful UV rays from the sun play a small part with natural light, heat, ageing and humidity all playing a major part in the fading process. However, 90% of our films across all of our ranges block 99% of the UV.

Our Solar Control & Energy Saving Films are not classified as safety or security films and are not used for those specific applications but they will hold the glass shards together should a window in your home or office break.

This range is suitable for use in individual houses as well as public buildings.

Automotive FAQs

Anti-Smash & Grab Safety Film

Lamin8 Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film is fitted on vehicle windows to help prevent smash and grab attacks. While this film prevents the glass from shattered windows flying everywhere, it is usually tinted as this could also discourage intruders from breaking your window because they cannot see into the vehicle. When the glass breaks, the film holds the dangerous shards in place, which further protects you from all the sharp pieces of broken glass. Lamin8 Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film gives you a few extra minutes to recompose yourself and drive away before the

The film is fitted to the inside of the windows.

Only the side windows are fitted with Safety Film. The back window is fitted with a thinner film as it has to be heat moulded and shaped to the exact shape of the back window. The windscreen is not automatically fitted with film but can also be done with a thinner specially designed windscreen film as an optional extra. Our windscreen film offers great benefits in terms of UV and Infrared reduction.

Yes, we do. Please have a look at our Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film tab for more information on our range.

35% VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) is the legal limit. This is the amount of light that the film allows through.

Anti-Smash & Grab Safety Film is not “intrusion proof” but will act as a deterrent against a smash and grab attack which will buy you that little bit of extra time in order to react.

It varies and will depend on the size of your vehicle as well as the number of windows requiring film fitment. To give you an idea, for a small 3-door hatchback it can take between 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes whereas for a large SUV/4×4, it can take roughly between 2 to 3 hours.

No, Lamin8 Window Film is amongst the very best window films on the market. Our Anti Smash & Grab Films are manufactured with a very strong adhesive and scratch-resistant coating to help prevent damage.

Yes, it does. Our Anti Smash & Grab Films come with a 10 year warranty. Please have a look at our Warranty tab for more information.

Again, it all depends on a few factors. The prices vary depending on your vehicle make and model. We will gladly assist you in obtaining a formal quotation through one of our fitment centres/Installers – please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Windscreen Film

Lamin8 Windscreen Film is fitted to the windscreen of your vehicle in order to reduce the heat and infrared coming through therefore keeping your vehicle cooler and protecting you and your vehicles interior from the harmful UV rays of the sun. By reducing the temperature inside your vehicle, you also reduce the need to run the air-conditioning system at full capacity in essence decreasing fuel usage.

Yes, you can although this film does not provide you with the necessary protection against smash & grab attacks as the Anti Smash & Grab Safety Film does.

Our Windscreen Film rejects 99% of the UV and 82% of the infrared.

Yes it is, as long as it conforms to the VLT (visible light transmittance) regulations. According to the rules and regulations, the amount of light that must come through the front windscreen is 70%. Our Windscreen Film allows 70% VLT into the car, whereby meeting the visible light transmission regulations of South Africa.

This film is not classified as a safety or security film and is not used for those specific applications but once fitted, it will hold the glass shards together should a window in your vehicle break.

No, it does not. Once fitted, this film becomes transparent and has a completely neutral colour. You will not even notice that the windscreen has film on it.

The Windscreen Film is also fitted on the inside of the window.

Yes, most definitely, but in order to feel the full effect of the heat and UV rejection, you should also have film fitted to the rest of the windows in your vehicle.

Yes, it reduces day and night glare.

Our Lamin8 Windscreen Film is called 7080 Clear Blue.

General FAQs

Application of window film to the inside surface of skylights is very difficult but possible. The cost of tinting skylight can also be slightly higher than tinting other windows. This is due to the difficulty and height of most skylights as well as the length of the tunnel leading of the windows. The application of window film to skylights is more restricted versus tinting other windows in your home or business. Home or business owners should consult with their window film professional and be aware of any restrictions.

Standard window films should not be applied to acrylic or polycarbonate (Plexiglass) windows. These are plastic sheeting products which all have the potential to outgas. Outgassing is known as the release of chemical components or moisture absorbed by the plastic. When outgassing occurs it interferes with the window film’s adhesive and results in bubbling between the window and the window film.

Patterned or textured glass surfaces will not allow the film adhesive to form a strong enough bond to the uneven surface therefore it is not advisable.

Most window film applications are done on the interior surface of the windows but exterior applications are available where essential.

We highly recommend that our dealer network/installers fit the film in order to guarantee high quality work and issue a warranty.

Yes it is. You can achieve an interesting effect by putting a coloured film on a decorative film. Feel free to discuss your thoughts with us.

That is no problem at all. The film can be pulled off the glass which will leave adhesive residue behind. The residue is then removed by spraying the glass with soapy water and using a razor-scraper to scrape the excess adhesive off.

Glass breaks when stressed. There are five types of stress which may cause glass breakage:

  • Thermal Stress – from absorption of solar radiation
  • Tensile Stress – from the weight of the glass itself
  • Mechanical Flexing Stress – from wind
  • Impact Stress – from flying objects
  • Twisting Stress – from building or window frame sagging or settling
  • Thermal stress is the only one which film may affect. Window films will increase the thermal stress on glass exposed to sun however, there are also other factors which will increase thermal stress such as: partial shading of windows from overhangs, tightly fitting drapes or blinds, signs or decals on windows, heating and cooling vents directed at glass. Different types of glass have different solar absorption rates and will withstand different degrees of thermal stress. Our installers have many years of experience in film fitment and will provide the correct solutions for the correct glass types.

Lamin8 Window Film comes standard with a scratch resistance of 4H. The market standard is 3H. We have specially arranged this for market advantage. If one goes above 4H the film starts to become very brittle. This scratch resistant coating is applied to the exterior surface of the window film to protect the film from normal wear and tear.

Yes it is. This may happen while the film is busy drying. The bubbles will disappear within 4-5 weeks after fitment.

Lamin8 Window Films come with different warranties depending on the type of film. Please see our Warranty section for more information on the film warranties.

With some extra care and caution windows with film applied are easily cleaned without damage to their appearance. Below are some guidelines to follow:

  • Use any normal glass cleaning solution which does not contain any abrasive materials
  • Use a soft clean cloth, soft paper towel, or a clean synthetic sponge to clean the window
  • Use a soft cloth or squeegee to dry the window
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