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Automotive Window Film Care

We would like to guide you in the initial care that must be taken once you have received your vehicle back after having Lamin8 Window Film fitted.

  • Do not open your window for the first two days after you have received your vehicle. The tint must continue to dry. There is a risk of the film moving.
  • We use a water and soap solution to apply the film. We highly recommend that you only clean the inside of the windows after two weeks of installation to help the film dry completely.
  • To help accelerate the drying process we would like to encourage you to leave the car in the sun as much as possible for the first week.
  • When cleaning your windows, please use soft fabrics such as chamois and normal household products. Abrasive products such as VIM or a steel brush will destroy your film. We encourage you to be careful when choosing which products to clean your car with.
Thank you! The Lamin8 Team
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Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

Copyright 2023 Lamin8.

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