Warranty – Nano Liquid



On the day of purchase, the dealership will issue a warranty card to you with a unique warranty number. The warranty is subject to the terms and conditions specified on the Website.

You must register the warranty on Lamin8’s Website within one week of the date of issue. Should you fail to do so, this warranty will lapse and be of no further force or effect and you will have no claims against Lamin8.

The Website will require you to upload three clear photos: one of your Windscreen on that date, one of the licence registration disc for your vehicle and one of your proof of payment made to the dealership that sold and applied the Product and provided this warranty to you.

This warranty is valid for six months only.

You cannot claim against the warranty within the first two weeks of initial purchase or renewal.

If the warranty is not renewed, it will lapse at the end of the first six months whereafter it will be of no further force or effect.

Should your Windscreen need to be replaced as a result of Accidental Damage, Lamin8 will refund you for the cost of that replacement but limited to the amount of R1000.00.

On the day of the incident, you must upload to the Website a photo of the damaged Windscreen. You must thereafter, within three days, upload proof of the payment which you make for the replacement. Lamin8 will thereafter, within three days, refund you but limited to R1000.00.

This warranty covers only one event of Accidental Damage. After one event, this agreement will automatically terminate and be of no further force or effect.

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